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AI, Virtual or Augmented Reality, Cloud, Blockchain, etc... The impact of new technologies on the viability and competitiveness of organizations is now impossible to ignore.

The latest technological innovations address the concerns of organizations: decision making, productivity, learning and training, marketing and sales.

Now too often, organizations are slow to take ownership of the subject for fear of not knowing how to deal with it. The technical entrance costs seem overwhelming.

There is no reason for innovation to be a source of uncertainty and fear. offers to take you by the hand for an introduction up to an adoption of these digital tools.

Innovation should not be a source of anxiety. mission is to support you in the adoption of new technologies. 









To better serve you, is working with a team experienced professionals.


With 20 years of experience at Microsoft, Evlampia had the opportunity to practice a wide variety of roles, from technical to marketing, operations and management. Her initial education being Computer Science Engineer. Passionate about new technologies, she had the chance to manage projects with AI, Cloud and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Evlampia started her entrepreneur adventure in 2019 and funded delivering training and services always related to new technologies and digital transformation.

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Expert in brand strategy, lead generation to boost your visibility and attractiveness.

Marc focuses on telling your values, developing your prospects and qualified customers, automating your customer relationship. He can also ensure the operational progress of marketing campaigns.

20 years of experience, strategy creation for large international groups, small and medium sized companies and head of a department for more than 10 years.

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Catherine TITI

After a successful 13-year career in the major technology companies and communication agencies, Catherine jumped into entrepreneurship to create E-vangelize, her agency where it is a good place to work and live. Her ambition today is to support the development of small and medium-sized companies by implementing innovative and high-performance digital strategies through 3 areas of expertise: Consulting / Training / Production.

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In the past 25 years, Sophie has worked with organizations & events from the digital imaging and interactive techniques field with endeavors such as: content creation, project & event management, corporate communications. She is the right person to help find the right formats or the right frame for your ideas & then providing a compelling, entertaining, didactic way to interact with content, helping communicate the essence of your business or project to the world

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