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IDEVA.IO est fortement sensibilisé à l’accueil des personnes en situation de handicap.


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Understand and embrace emerging technologies

Acculturating your teams to technological innovation

Because the understanding of technological innovations is now essential for the survival of organizations, because technological innovations are arriving faster and faster in our daily professional lives, it is key to understand these subjects.

Be prepared and engage your employees, demonstrate your willingness to support them by involving them in innovation topics. suggests a coordinated approach, in-house and tailor-made, in order to :

  • Truly relate training to your concerns and the time you have at your disposal,

  • Engage your teams in innovative topics,

  • Work in short, iterative, small group sessions to encourage discussion and sharing,

  • Validate what has been learned at the end of each session.


Training is therefore a basis for the development of your organization. Technology is used as a tool for team building and as an opportunity to share around a common understanding.

Examples of topics addressed :

  • Artificial Intelligence,

  • Quantum Computing,

  • IT development and the developer's job,

  • Cloud,

  • Big Data and IoT,

  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Interested in other topics ? Let's talk about it !

Modalités de financement:

Dans la mesure où:

  • IDEVA.IO est Organisme de Formation enregistré sous le numéro 11755975575 auprès du préfet de région d’Ile de France

  • IDEVA.IO est référencé Datadock


Les possibilités de financement sont les suivantes:

  • Prise en charge de la formation par votre OPCO

  • Prise en charge de la formation par votre employeur

  • Financement direct

Quelques statistiques:

- taux d'abandon: nul
- taux d'interruption en cours de prestation : nul
- nombre de stagiaires en 2020 : 56

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